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-Air Core Inductor Analysis http://​​cgi-bin/​air_coil.cgi +  * Air Core Inductor Analysis 
-Air Core Inductor Inductance Calculator ​ http://​​new/​Air%20Core%20Inductor%20Inductance.htm +    * http://​​cgi-bin/​air_coil.cgi 
-Chebyshev Pi LC Low Pass Filter Calculator http://​​electronics/​ch%20pi%20low%20pass.htm +  ​* ​Air Core Inductor Inductance Calculator 
-http://​​electronics/​ch%20tee%20low%20pass.htm+    * http://​​new/​Air%20Core%20Inductor%20Inductance.htm 
 +  ​* ​Chebyshev Pi LC Low Pass Filter Calculator 
 +    * http://​​electronics/​ch%20pi%20low%20pass.htm 
 +    ​* ​http://​​electronics/​ch%20tee%20low%20pass.htm
-2 µH (=2000nH) use toroids+when more than 2 µH (=2000nH)use toroids
 L=2.0µH L=2.0µH
 al=40  (material coffecient) al=40  (material coffecient)
 100*(L/​al)**0,​5=22 times 100*(L/​al)**0,​5=22 times
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