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How to convert Canon HD *.mts files and batch process them?

(old) as complexity of Cinelerra and direct supported import in Kdeinlive, I decided to move on.

(ffmpeg changed a name)

sudo apt-get install libav-tools
sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-53

if you prefer, use command line interface

sudo apt-get install winff

import preset file to winff

choose whatever you want, for cinelerra advised:

“Cinelerra intermediate formats > mjpeg , (convert)” or “DNxHD”

after one evening, I realised that my Canon Legria HF M307 was recording audio stream in 256 kb/s and 48000 sample rate.

I took a small video, about 10s to play with, because 60sec file is big for testing.

and Cinelerra would import such audio steam and hangs with internal Canon codec.

So I decided to try to transcode streams inside of *.mts container with follow command:

avconv -i cup.mts -ar 44100 -ab 128k -vcodec dnxhd -b 185M

let's look what happened:

anton@LNX-ANTON:~/Videos/test$ ls -l

size is changed, but not dramaticly, it is good

use “avconv -i file” for information

anton@LNX-ANTON:~/Videos/test$ avconv -i cup.mts
anton@LNX-ANTON:~/Videos/test$ avconv -i

That what had to be proven [].

cinelerra, load files,

add effect (title)

file, render

path, name i.e. “”

file format: quicktime for linux,

(x) render audio tracks (settings: MPEG-4 Audio, 128000, 100%)

(x) render video tracks (settings: MPEG-4 Video, 2000000 (x) fix bitrate, 500000, 10 ( ) fix quantization ( ) interlaced, keyframe interval 45)

insert nothing


anton@LNX-ANTON:~/Videos/test$ avconv -i

which is OKAY! :v)

to summarize this task: it is necessary to check which quality is a file and how to transcode it.

Today I took a test session and after copying from SD card to HDD *.MTS files, I had to batch convert them. Using shell “for” loop:

anton@LNX-ANTON:~/Videos/2013 03 06 - myyrmanni/PRIVATE/AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM$ for file in *.MTS; do avconv -i "$file" -ar 44100 -ab 128k -vcodec dnxhd -b 185M "$file".mov; done

worked fine, and then size check:

open with Video player to check codec info:

old » 48000 Hz / 256 kbps, new » 44100 Hz / 134 kbps

last check with Cinelerra, file, new, load files,insertion strategy “replace currect project and concatenate tracks”, extension “*.mov”, select all, ok, shift+scrollUp, check end of video

*.MTS files deleted

Final files are very large 117 Mb transcoded into 2,8 Gb. That is not actually what I needed.

You can also try to transcode only audio track:

avconv -i cup.mts -ar 44100 -ab 128k -vcodec copy

After second evening of discovering of disadvantages of transcoding / moving / importing *.MTS files. Suddenly I realised, that, really, I would not do it all the time. There are standartization of AVCHD on Wikipedia, that tells that directly format's support is integrated into Linux soft: Blender, Kdenline, LiVeS, Openshot.

Second issue, I discovered from the same document that optimal quality is 1920×1080 25fps interlaced, not 50 fps as I thought.

Third issue is a final media, if it will be as a final target of video project would be Blu-Ray disc, that is in its maximum resolution 1920×1080 30i, and not 50 fps again as I thought before. Normal DVD is 720×576 25i

Fourth issue is that less frames is used, more effective is editing process. =lighter for pc.

I read camcoder's manual about formats and decided what to use when recording video.

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