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How to connect KX3 to WinTEST ?

  • Set config RS232 to “38400b”, check with “KX3 uttility”, that rig chat with PC through internal terminal, good idea to update software / firmware. Remember to backup settings.
  • Set config RX IQ to ON (for SDR)
  • Connect paddle to CWKEY1 and set it in config to tip:dot
  • Connect rig's control cable to ACC1, as usual.
  • Connect hand-made adapter to CWKEY2 and set it in config to hand (straight key)
  • (instructions to made: wintest “other inferface” with BC547 transistor, solder inside of DB9-F, connect to computer / through USB-Serial adapter, cost ~5 EUR + USB Adapter).

Install drivers for USB adapters, check they exist in Device Manageer

Write down COM ports' numbers

my example:

  • com 7 : physical control cable for rig
  • com 11: physical keying cable through USB adapter to CWKEY2


  • set K3 port to COM7 (look for you specification)
  • set virtual port 1 to COM12 (look for you specification) (for wintest)
  • set SDR port to COM19 (look for you specification) (for SDR)

Install Win-TEST

  • control > control interface
  • com11 > other interface » DTR4 CW, RTS OFF
  • com12 > radio 1 » 38400 8 N 1
  • radio 1 > elecraft k3

Install NaP3

  • set port to COM19, 38400

depends on your soundcard, check in “recording devices”, must be stereo.

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